LIVISA has the world first-class production, research and development, sales and management team located in California of the United States.

LIVISA has performed the famous “Cell Suffocated Experiment” and the results shocked the world beauty industry! Since their founding, LIVISA research laboratories have been striving to understand the workings of Time. Its expertise in cellular regeneration has allowed the brand to develop a unique , finely-balanced blend of active ingredients: the First High-Precision Reoxygenation Technology.

The exclusive LIVISA Complex helps to restore the cells’ energy cycle. Its effectiveness is based on a combination of biotechnological active ingredients (including microalgae, proteins, hyaluronic acid and botanical DNA) and a plant extract developed in keeping with the principles of organic cultivation.

It takes action at the heart of the “cellular clock,” providing the three key elements that can enable the skin to withstand the passage of time: oxygenation, protection and hydration.

The LIVISA Difference: Real Science, Real Performance

● Extensive, cutting edge clinical testing

● Impeccable quality assurance standards

● Clinically proven formulas

● Award winning performance

● Customers for life



Increase of Mitochondrial activity: +150% Proliferation of fibroblasts: +320%

Scorage by the dermatologist

Brighter skin: +90%
More transparent skin: +88%

In Vivo Test

After 14 days: +70% moisture increase
After 28 days: -50% wrinkles depth


Skin is more radiant for 65% of the volunteers
Skin tone is fresher for 70% of the volunteers